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Our Favourite Plants

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Gardeners Corner top 20 favourite plants:

Our Favourite Plant Why
Fragrant Gardenia florida Fragrant flowers, lush green foliage and can be grown in the ground or container
Indoor Spathaphyllum ‘Peace Lily’ Most reliable indoor plant, white upright flowers with glossy green long leaves. Water only when leaves are drooping and grow in low light to bright light.
Screening (tall) Ficus hillii Easily trimmed, can be trunked for underplanting and has lush green leaves all year round.
Screening (small) Murraya panniculata Sun tolerant, fragrant white flowers, glossy green leaves, easily hedged and low in maintenance.
Camellia sasanqua Setsugekka White single flowers with yellow stamens, dark green glossy leaves, sun tolerant, hedged, espaliered or topiary and bird attracting.
Camellia japonica Brushfields Yellow Double white & cream flowers, dark glossy green leaves, shade loving, hedged, topiary or espaliered.
Deciduous tree Pyrus calleryana ‘Cleveland Select’ Seasonal changes, red leaves, spring blossoms and glossy green leaves in summer. Extremely tough and are great as a specimen, avenue or screening trees.
Evergreen tree Olive Tree Hedged, specimen, topiary or espaliered. Tough with edible fruit and gorgeous grey foliage.
Conifer Juniperus chinensis ‘Spartan’ Tight conical shape, container or garden planted for formal to semi-formal gardens.
Palm Phoenis roebellinii Architectural foliage creating a tropical feel. Grown in full sun and coastal conditions.
Native Westringia fruticosa Mauve flowers, hardy low maintenance hedge and tolerates full sun.
Container plant English Box Easily clipped, great for formal gardens and borders.
Groundcover Convolvulus sabatius Quick growing, evergreen and hardy with beautiful purple flowers.
Citrus Tahitian Lime Fragrant flowers, edible fruit and lush foliage. Perfers full sun and can be planted in the ground, in a container, espaliered and hedged.
Blossom Malus ioensis Deciduous tree, profusion of blossoms in spring making it a brilliant specimen tree.
Rose Iceberg Long lasting white rose which flowers for almost the whole year. Less prone to black spot.
Azalea Alba magnifica Flowers late winter, is more sun tolerant and quick growing.
Lavender Avonview Vibrant purple flowers with bracts that look like rabbit ears. Long lasting flowers for half the year.
Climber Chinese Star Jasmine Evergreen climber that grows well in the sun or a shadier position. It also has fragrant white flowers that cover the whole wall/fence which stand out against the lush green foliage.
Herb Rosemary Used in cooking as well as makes a great hedge and border. The mauve purple flowers are attractive against the grey/green foliage.

Five F’s

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Watering & Fertilising

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Planting tips

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